New Solo Album in the making

On December 10th, 2021 I went to Sear Sound studio A in New York City and spent the whole day recording music for a piano solo album. It was a very unique experience. I have performed many times in solo, but this was my first time recording a full length album in solo. It made me look at music from a completely new perspective. The style of tunes varies in approach, vibe and specific skills, Wave In Gravity explores counterpoint, swing, even-eighths and abstract pieces, some re-exploration of old standards and a Bach cantata.

These past couple of years have been a further confirmation of how much we all are connected, intertwined, part of one only global cause-and-effect system.
I want to reach out to each one of you listeners with an invite, a wish for you to find your own place where to go for safety, acceptance, where your desire for achievement gets satisfied, and where freedom from fear is reached.
Music is that place for me.

During the preparation for the recording I have accurately dedicated time to each one of these music pieces. They have been source of meaning and understanding of my connection with music, the way it challenges me, gives me security, balance and grounding, and also the way it scares me.
I am now ready to share this music with you, as a little and humble manifest of my creativity right now in this specific present.

Thank you

Wave In Gravity, still in production, will be released at date to be decided. Stay tuned!

Photo © Chris Drukker