JULY 29, 2016
Simona Premazzi trio "Outspoken" feat. Karl Kohut bass, Adam Arruda drums - Private house concert - Montauk, Long Island

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
Simona Premazzi "Outspoken" at Black Eyed Sally's; Dayna Stephens tenor sax, Rick Rosato bass, Kush Abadey drums - Hartford, CT 9PM
Black Eyed Sally

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
With the Rodney Green Trio at "Harlem Nights" weekly jam session - 8.30PM

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
Simona Premazzi 5 special with Mark Shim tenor sax, Philip Dizack trumpet, Kush Abadey drums - Fat Cat Jazz and Billiards - New York, 7PM

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
Faculty Piano Trio: Simona Premazzi piano, Matthew Baranello drums, Andrew Schiller bass - 3PM
Open House reception at Church Street School for Music and Art, TriBeCa, NYC

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016
Dave Baron duo at Barawine, Dave Baron bass, Simona Premazzi piano - New York, 6PM

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
"Sisters in Jazz" Dorota Piotrowska Quintet feat. Camille Thurman, Katarina Piotrowska, Simona Premazzi, Melissa Slocum
Kingsland Wildflower Festival 12PM-1.30PM - Brooklyn, NY

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Simona Premazzi Trio "Outspoken" at "The Cell" theatre Rick Rosato bass, Jimmy MacBride drums - 9.30PM - New York

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016
Simona Premazzi drumless trio with Caleb Curtis alto sax, Pablo Menares bass - "The Astor Room" - Astoria, NY - 11.30AM 

OCTOBER 2, 2016
Piano solo set during "Babies get the blues" lecture by scientist Joseph Isler - Cornelia Street Cafe', NYC - 6PM

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